Homely Tiffin & Thali Service in Noida Sector 62

Solving daily food struggles for everybody who doesn’t have the time to cook, has no reliable source for home food. Home-cooked premium meals at just ₹83 each with their monthly subscriptions. Are you the one who is always busy with work and doesn’t have the time to cook? Or Are you one who is looking for good homemade breakfast, lunch thali or dinner thali?
In today’s time everyone has a busy schedule, most of us forget to eat because of lack of time for cooking. In this situation you always open a food delivery app on your mobile phone and you will definitely try to find something good homemade food. You might also be confused about what to order or from where to order. Also the cost is very high, around 400-500 Rs /per order. 
To resolve your all issues we are presenting you with a homemade tiffin service. Get Delicious, delightful, finger-linking, and mouth-watering food consisting “Swaad maa ke hath ka” We are Grihini Kitchen, a newly launched concept that is owned by Mrs. SNEHA. The purpose of our kitchen is to serve hygienic, healthy, and flavorsome yummy food that always remains the Ghar ka swaad. We provide monthly tiffin service, lunch simple veg thali & dinner thali, Non-Veg Thali Services. Enjoy delicious, finger-linking homemade food at an affordable cost. We are delivering tiffins across various locations in Noida that includes Sector 71, Sector 72, Sector 73, Sector 74, Sector 75, Sector 76, Sector 78, Sector 52, Sector 53, Sector 61, Sector 62, Sector 63, Sector 64, Sector 65, Sector 66, Sector 120 & Sector 121.

If you are looking for monthly tiffin service near me then Call Us at : +91 9818788441 for best tiffin service in Noida at lowest price.

Monthly Tiffin Service


Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

Grihini Kitchen is an initiative to help working professionals who are looking for Monthly Tiffin Service in Noida Sector 62.  If you’re looking for a monthly tiffin service in Noida Sector 62, then you’re in luck. With so many fancy grub and pub spots in the area, it can be tempting to eat junk or processed food on a regular basis. But making this a habit can wreak havoc on your health, and can quickly become boring. You need nutritious, healthy food to sustain yourself. This service provides you with well balanced meals that give your body each nutrient it needs to survive and thrive, without having to worry about junk or processed food wreaking havoc on your health. So, forget about pizza and burgers, and opt for a healthier option!

Veg Thali

Grihini Kitchen offers veg thali in Noida. You can order breakfast, lunch thali and dinner thali at any time. So if you are looking for veg thali get homemade veg thali at any time.

Deluxe Thali

Dal + Seasonal Veg + 4 Roti + Rice + Salad

Gold Thali

Dal + Seasonal Veg + Papad 4 Roti + Rice + Salad + Raita + Choice Of 3 Chatni + Sweets

Platinum Thali

Matar Paneer + Seasonal Veg + Papad + 5 Roti + Rice + Salad + Raita + Choice Of 3 Chatni + 2 Sweets

Non-Veg Thali

Are you the one who loves non veg? Get homemade, hygienic and healthy non veg thali at best price.

Deluxe Thali

Egg Curry + Seasonal Veg + 4 Roti + Rice + Salad

Gold Thali

Chicken Curry + Egg Curry + Papad 4 Roti + Rice + Salad + Raita + Choice Of 3 Chatni + Sweets

Platinum Thali

Mutton Curry / Fish Curry + Egg Curry + Papad + 5 Roti + Rice + Salad + Raita + Choice Of 3 Chatni + 2 Sweets

Why Choose Us?

A home-cooked meal delivered to your door

Healthy, hygienic, and accessible food

Knowledgeable personal with expertise

With Cloud Kitchen services we are available on online ordering platforms

Why to go for homemade food tiffin service in Noida?

Grihini Kitchen Tiffin Service service is made for the homesick, working professionals who live away from family, who have no time to cook and miss home food. 

  • Monthly tiffin service is best for those who work late hours in office and doesn’t have time for cooking meals.
  • If you go for tiffin service, you don’t have to worry about your food as you will get your meal on time.
  • If you are a married couple and both are working, tiffin service is the best option as you don’t have to worry about your meal, you can schedule your day properly. 
  • It  also enables people to set aside time for meals, thus assisting them in living a healthier lifestyle.

Are you looking for a tiffin service in Noida that provides yummy food for lunch or dinner? Tiffin services have made it easier for bachelors, office representatives, students, or those who are far from their families to have access to quality food. With today’s busy lifestyles, many people are looking for quality food delivered to their doorstep. Grihini Kitchen tiffin services in Noida that provide quality food at a reasonable cost and ensure hygiene.