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Here Delicious, delightful, finger-linking, and mouth-watering food consisting “Swaad maa ke hath ka” We are Grihini Kitchen, a newly launched concept that is owned by Mrs. SNEHA. The purpose of our kitchen is to serve hygienic, healthy, and flavorsome yummy food that always remains the Ghar ka swaad.

Grihini kitchen This name refers to a housewife who is responsible for the household chores and lives at home.

At Grihini kitchen, we empower the women by providing them with the training in order to enhance the skills that they already have in order to serve more delicious *food. “Kyoki ek maa hi janti hai maa ke hath ke khaane ka swaad.”

The delight of home-cooked meals is brought to you by Grihini Kitchen. The meal is made with the freshest ingredients possible and includes a choice of sides, spicy chapatis, and delicious rice that will have you craving more.

Nowadays, it’s simple to find delicious cuisine anywhere. However, it might be challenging to find wholesome meals free of artificial flavours. Grihini kitchen shares the goal of offering wholesome, home-cooked meals made with premium ingredients to enhance flavour. After all, we think that veggies can effectively create flavour on their own.

Why Choose Us?

A home-cooked meal delivered to your door

Healthy, hygienic, and accessible food

knowledgeable personal with expertise

With Cloud Kitchen services we are available on online ordering platforms

Our Mission

Our aim is to feed India with homemade foods along with fulfilling the wishes of those blinking eyes who had to go out. They sometimes forget the taste of home-cooked food in order to fulfill their own dreams or to provide a better lifestyle for their families, but now they can get home-cooked food anywhere, at any time.

Our Vision

Our goal is to empower women who enjoy cooking and are looking for a job so they may do so using our approach. With our excellent and top-notch kitchen inventions, we also address a demand in the Indian market while concentrating on our valued clientele.